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My relationship with London started off a little rough in the Spring of 2016. I wasn't crazy about the place during my first visit -- every destination was driven by a potential Instagram post and didn't feel authentic -- I never did real research on the city. I didn't know anybody who lived there and wasn't as extroverted around new people. Luckily, London gave me another chance this past September when Alyssa and I visited to see Tottenham play and Wembley, and I fell in love. 

This week, I was able to visit London for a third time in two years, again to see Tottenham play at Wembley and for my birthday. It was even better than I had remembered, and quite honestly, I could see myself living here. My sister hates when I say that - probably because she knows I would truly jump at the opportunity to move to the UK.

I stayed in the cozy Spitalfields area, with narrow cobblestone streets, trendy Londoners going about their business, and hidden gems everywhere you turn -- if you can spot them. The hotel of choice was Batty Langley's Hotel - a name as unique as the hotel itself. Batty Langley's consists of 29 different rooms which are within two original Georgian townhouses in the trendy Spitalfields neighborhood.

I cannot describe how every intricate detail of Batty Langley's surprised me -- the lavish antique furnishings, the fresh flowers sprinkled throughout the hotel, the Honesty Bar, the scrumptious room service, the massive and cozy beds, the copper bathtub and gold bathroom fixtures are truly a very special and perfect balance. I was able to tour a few rooms of the hotel thanks to the incredibly generous and friendly staff -- one containing a toilet seat which was pretty much a throne, another with a secret restroom hidden behind a bookcase, another with a private terrace overlooking the streets of Spitalfields and Shoreditch. 

After two nights at the luxurious Batty Langley's, I can absolutely see why they were listed as one of London's six best hotels by Conde Nast. I highly suggest you see why for yourself! 

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