is chivalry dead?

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Chivalry is something that comes from the medieval knightly system; the code of chivalry emphasized bravery, military skill, generosity in victory, piety, and courtesy to women. Before I looked that up, I truly thought that chivalry only had an association with romantic behavior. I was shocked - but it all made sense. We expect this knightly behavior, truly something of heroes and the manliest of men, out of the modern age dude. Sadly, in 2018, us ladies consider it chivalrous if a guy picks up the bar tab.
So, is chivalry truly dead? Let's think about the original definition of chivalry, mix in a boundless medley of dating apps, toss in contemporary feminism -- and we've got ourselves a hell of a game called "let's split the bill". It's true, there are far too many women swiping right for the sake of a free vodka tonic, and that's a major bummer, becasue there are a lot of us that say yes to dates because we're actually interested. But today the formality of courting has dwindled down to a unceremonious distraction we use to entertain ourselves with until one party finds some greener grass to roll around in.
I think we all know the likeliness of finding love on a dating app is about as hopeful as winning the lottery, but a question that has crossed my mind recently is the effect of feminism on chivalry and courting. Just before Valentine's Day, I posted something about flowers on Instagram. I indicated that if you truly like someone, the simple gesture of getting flowers for them means a lot. As the holiday progressed, a good deal of posts were published about "being your own Valentine", and suggestions to not "depend on a man to get you flowers". I felt a little humiliated for my own previous suggestion, and then felt guilty for feeling guilty.
In conclusion, is it wrong to be a modern-age strong woman and still want flowers? To still want the door held for you? To still expect your drink to be paid for if you were asked out? I guess I'll wait for my knight.

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo
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