is breá liom tú

6:52 PM

That's supposed to mean "I love you" in Irish thanks to Google Translate. (Or Gaelic -- you know what I mean.) I only admit this becasue that's where we spent a good amount of time in Boston - inside Irish Pubs. Anyway, I'm giving you the inside scoop on our unofficial Irish Pub tour of Boston.

Our first night on the town ended at a place right by our hotel called Intermission Tavern. While we're obsessed with our accommodations at the Revere Hotel Boston Common, the pub left much to be desired. The staff was rude, the crowd was meh. The real reason I hated it? I paid for 4 credits on the jukebox and never got to hear Gimme Shelter. Was that too much to ask? Alyssa and I will never forget about those 4 lost credits. EVER.

The next day, we were out and about in Beacon Hill and I needed to use the restroom. While most people would try to slip into a Starbucks, we walked by the The Sevens Ale House and opted for a beer and a bathroom in the same stay. This was *by far* our favorite hangout and we raved about our server Johnathan for hours and hours after we left.

Lastly, we hit the Kinsale Irish Pub & Restaurant in what I would assume to be the downtown area of Boston. This is where the Boston Spurs supporters club congregated, so we were up and walking through the doors shortly after 7am to catch the match. We'd love to see the place completely packed with fellow Yiddos but really enjoyed the people we did get to meet.

So this was my love letter to beer and Boston. Is breá liom tú!

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