iceland: ice cave tour with goecco & what to wear

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The Ice Cave Tour we went on with Goecco was absolutely unforgettable. We went to the Crystal Cave in Vatnajökull Glacier, just a few minutes from Jökulsárlón. The caves themselves are different every year - even everyday and are molded by the water that runs through them. Ice caves are formed when meltwater runs under or through a glacier, melting the ice and leaving behind a cavern or passageways within the glacier.

We met our guide Aðunn (he lets us call him Tony) and another guide from Goecco right by their signature red truck at Jökulsárlón Lagoon on the east side of the bridge in the morning. They're both real Vikings! That was cool. Tony then drove us to the Crystal Cave location, about a 30 minute drive through rivers, around lakes, and on top of glaciers. He was super charming and had lots of jokes and stories about Icelandic culture. It was an interesting ride to say the least! When we got to the cave location, he helped us with our crampons and helmets and we were off.

I was worried about what was the appropriate apparel for going on an Ice Cave Tour, but I think I did a great job. We got lucky and had no rain, but if you have rain in your forecast, I highly advise waterproof pants and jackets like our guide was wearing. It's true when they say the weather in Iceland is always changing! It's sunny one moment and pouring down rain the next moment - so be careful! Here are the items I wore/suggest:

- LAYERS. I started with Uniqlo Extra Warm HEATTECH bottom layers. They go on sale around mid-February each year so it's good to stock up! 
- I layered a second time as well - a long-sleeve shirt on top and fleece-lined leggings on bottom. These leggings were so comfortable and affordable! 
- Icelandic wool socks were a must on this trip. Out guide told us all about Icelandic wool and why it works - you can read a little about it here.
- I layered another pair of thick socks on top of those, just in case.
- A nice, chunky sweater with a turtleneck was a great top layer. Here's one similar to what I wore.
- This waterproof parka saved my many time throughout the trip, and it was perfect for Ice Caving.
- Waterproof boots are an absolute MUST! Common sense, folks! Goecco was kind enough to provide crampons which was a great perk.
- A hat to keep your noggin warm, of course. Make sure it's snug - and nothing with a fancy ball on top or anything - your helmet has to fit over it.
- Warm, waterproof gloves that you can easily slip on and off are essential. Remember you'll be taking tons of photos! 

Our experience with Goecco was unforgettable! Everything from making reservations to the tour itself was so easy and enjoyable. It was educational, too! Our tour guide taught us so much about the caves and Iceland itself. He knew all the best places to go in the caves and all the other tours were very respectful of each others' space and time.

There is no experience I could suggest more in Iceland.

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