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The thought of driving in another country (and another continent) was actually a little scary. With that said, I did a little research on driving in Iceland - becasue I will stand by this - self-driving in Iceland is absolutely the way to go. The freedom of having the road to yourselves on your schedule, the ability to stop and explore where you please - those are priceless forms of freedom you get when renting a car. Hertz Europe was so easy to work with - I definitely suggest using them. You don't even have to leave Keflavík International Airport to get to the Hertz counter. Here are some tips I have for driving in Iceland: 

- Reserve wifi and a GPS for your car ahead of time. With wifi, you don't even need to purchase a new SIM card for your phone becasue the internet will be everywhere you are! GPS, well, self explanatory. Don't trust your phone service or Google Maps - the GPS Hertz provided for us even hd the Icelandic alphabet so we could get everywhere we wanted without a problem!

- Get Insurance! There is nothing more common sense than getting insurance with a rental car, period. One time I used a rental car and didn't get insurance. I'm a good, safe driver after all! I safely dropped the car off after hours and received an invoice weeks later for a windshield claim. The car was perfect when I dropped it off! I didn't understand! Well, we're still in a battle over this when I should have just paid for insurance, lesson learned.

- An SUV with 4-wheel-drive is suggested. The wind is no joke in Iceland and the weather is unpredictable! Go the safe route, always. 

- Off-roading is illegal! The nature in Iceland is delicate and often government protected. Don't be those people

- Hydroplaning is a thing. So are high winds gusts. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel! 

- Keep and eye out of the speed cameras on Iceland roads! The speed limit on Icelandic highways is 90 km/h. The margin for error is +/- 5 km/h. There are several speed cameras - especially in high traffic areas. Our GPS always alerted us when we were approaching a camera, but there are also blue signs several feet beforehand.  

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