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My bestie and I snuck off to Boston for a short weekend trip. I used to go to Boston on the regular years ago, but I hadn't returned since I went on tour with my ex-boyfriend back in early 2013. Needless to day, I was due for a visit to good ol' Beantown without stressing about how many tickets were sold or where to park a massive bus.

We were graciously treated to a stay at the extraordinary Revere Hotel Boston Common, and let me tell you, we were seriously impressed with this place. It smelled like a well groomed man - like the kind of man who should be wearing a tuxedo everyday - as soon as you walked through the lobby doors. The staff throughout our entire stay was kind, attentive, and unpretentious. The decor was a perfect hybrid of historic and modern. If Paul Revere lived in a dope loft in Greenpoint, he'd probably have it decorated exactly like the Revere Hotel Boston Common. The view from our room was impeccable, and we were greeted by the most stunning floral arrangement from Winston Flowers. Talk about a lovely staff - I want to befriend everybody who works for Winston Flowers

My new best friend (sorry Alyssa) from Winston Flowers recommended some restaurants so we decided to try her very favorite. Alyssa and I can both highly recommend Sarma restaurant in Cambridge - I'm starving just thinking about that meal again (we got the pork belly biscuits, brussels sprout bravas, harira and brisket shawarma). Holy shit, take me back. Preferably when they're not out of babganoush.

Other recommendations I visited due to scouring Instagram and Pinterest were Tatte Bakery & Cafe, the Boston Public Library and Niche Garden Supply. We also enjoyed dinner at Snappy Sushi and had drinks at a super cool spot called Lolita. Lastly, we hit the Kinsale Irish Pub & Restaurant at 7am on Sunday to catch the Tottenham match (along with a delicious full Irish Breakfast).

I'm missing it already and would love to go back soon. Leave comments with suggestions for my next trip to Boston! 

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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