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8:14 PM

I just got back from a quick weekend trip to my hometown in Ohio. Akron is an incredible place to be raised. The midwest mindset is tolerant, kind, and grounded. I can see why my parents raised me there, but I don't see myself raising a family there - becasue I don't think I could move back.

There are the clear differences between the two cities: the crowds, the cost of living, public transportation. The biggest shock for me between the two worlds? The change of pace.

The speedy sense of urgency in New York City is a buzz like no other metropolitan area. Sure, New Yorkers may come off as rude or impatient, but we actually really just value our time and have somewhere we need to be. Our trains were all probably delayed too. When I'm at home in Ohio, I expect to relax and unwind. Instead of chilling out, I find myself stressing over the downtime, the quiet, and the overall slower pace of life. I need the movement, the convenience and the hustle. The almost-boredom gives me anxiety and leaves me super unsettled. 

I guess I'm here for good.

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo
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