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I successfully defeated the winter blues. Sure, most cases sneak up on most people in January and February, but I typically suffer from an anti-social, self-loathing, anxiety-driven spell around the holidays. I felt it a little mid December - I had one rough week. But to be honest, I was going through a complicated time and managed to get rid of all confusion just before the holidays arrived. I felt such a dramatic weight lifted from myself emotionally and physically, surrounded myself with some incredible people, and next thing I knew I was laying in bed on January 1st feeling completely content. 

That day I was in bed until 1 in the afternoon listening to my favorite morning albums and caught myself remembering New Year's Eve one year before when I had felt pretty lost and alone. It was a great moment to reflect on my personal growth. Sure, 2017 was a pretty insane year socially and politically and there were a great deal of disturbances that could and put me in a bad place. Instead, I made a serious effort to be super self-aware and took every downfall as an opportunity to explore myself. Today I feel confident, fulfilled, and as cliché as it sounds, pretty unstoppable. I've been feeling sure of myself and powerful lately - and not in a shove-it-down-your-throat-feminist kinda way (which is something I actually admire), but in a it's-not-worth-my-time-so-i'm-not-fucking-with-it kinda way. This goes for relationships, tasks, plans - anything. 

A new year is inevitably a time to reflect on your progress as a person. 
This one was a good one.

Photos by Leslie Moncada Photography
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