why terrace house is more addictive than cat memes

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There's no denial on the internet that the Japanese reality TV show Terrace House is truly more addictive than white cheddar popcorn, fidget spinners and tagging friends in memes combined. 

Buzzfeed describes the show as "Six attractive young people live together in a house full of cameras. They fight, hook up, and talk behind each other’s backs. But on Terrace House, all this drama takes place at a much lower volume than it does on American reality shows. Sex, when it happens, stays off-camera and almost always follows weeks of Jane Austen–like courtship, complete with group-engineered alone time and formal confessions of love".

Listen, I'm not a TV person at all. My friends who work in PR and television are constantly annoyed with me because I never know what (or who) they're talking about. I've been accused of never having a childhood and growing up under a rock. Rami Malek from Mr. Robot asked for my number a few years ago at a party. Because he told me he was an actor, my initial reaction was to ask what restaurant he worked at. Or maybe he thought I was cute -- we'll never know. My bad for not texting you boo.

Anyway, back to my life in Brooklyn where I'm not dating an Emmy award winning slice of hot babeness. We recently got a new roommate and I'm officially the only girl in the apartment. I'm feeling like Jess from New Girl, outnumbered by 3 males in a truly TV-worthy loft. While describing our inter-apartment relationships (or lack thereof) to the incoming inhabitant, he mentioned Terrace House. None of us knew what he was talking about. It was all downhill from there. 

When I get into something, I really get into it. I'm completely engulfed in the activity or situation. When my best friend and I decided we were going to become supporters of a soccer team, you would think I were born in North London and my cousin were Harry Kane. When I like something, I'm all in. Terrace House was no exception, and before you knew it, it was effecting every aspect of my life. I downloaded the Duolingo app so I brush up on my Japanese skills (it had been almost 10 years since I had learned the language). I was comparing the cast members to my own friends. I was subconsciously moving slower in my own relationships as a result of watching the show. The good news? I wasn't the only person obsessed with Terrace House, there are devoted communities all around the world analyzing each member. Of all the seasons, I present to you my 5 favorite house members and why I think we're real life best friends:

Boys x Girls Next Door: Hana Imai
Hana was by far my favorite member in Boys x Girls Next Door. She was determined and successful, relatable, down to earth, and I actually lost interest in watching the rest of the season after she left. I didn't relate to many of the members on this season, and admittedly, I was already attached to other seasons since this was the last one I watched. She was chill, but not to a fault, in so many situations. Plus, she works with a clothing line now and it's pretty dope. 

Boys x Girls In The City: Yuuki Byrnes

My interest in Boys x Girls In The City definitely heightened when Yuuki came to the house. Misaki's reaction to his entrance was not only adorable, but his mutual adoration as their time progressed was something you couldn't help but be a fan of. I really want a boy to get a driver's license just to he can take me out on a perfect date. He also stood up for the right thing and didn't let people get away with bullshit - a masculine trait that a lot of the guys lacked in that house. The only thing missing about Yuuki is his Instagram page so I can't stalk him :( 

Boys x Girls In The City: Arman Bitaraf

Arman is pretty much everybody's favorite from this season, and for good reason. Yeah, he was fun and chill. He was around for the longest period of time. We saw his trials (multiple rejections, almost dying) and triumphs (winning his kickboxing match, winning Martha's heart) throughout his 36 week stay. Word is him and Martha are still going strong and I'm a big fan of that too - but if they happen to break up I'm gonna slide into that DM reeeaaal quick.

Aloha State: Avian Ku

I relate a lot to Avian. You can tell off the bat that she has good values. She's honest and trustworthy, and the things the piss her off are for good reason - she also handles every situation with ease. She has an athletic build and isn't afraid to hang with the boys, isn't bothered by dating somebody significantly younger (plus Yuya is a babe), and used the show to leverage her own clothing line, ILA SWIM. 

Aloha State: Ryo Sekikawa

Last but certainly not least, the darling Ryo. Oh, Ryo. Honestly, many Terrace House viewers don't understand why there's such a fuss about Ryo other than his hypnotically beautiful eyes. He was on the show for only 7 weeks, so there wasn't much time to build a connection with him. It was pretty immediate that you can sense that Ryo is a good dude. He was in Hawaii to focus on work, built great relationships with his housemates, and completely stole my heart. Oh, Ryo. I would move to Tokyo just to be your coffee loving hipster partner in crime. 

But really Ryo, please date me.

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