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Monday, January 16, 2017

a classic move

It's been a little over two weeks since the turn of the New Year and my goals have been set. I'm pretty proud of myself - my persistence with quitting caffeine is still going strong (as much as I LOVE coffee and Red Bull, caffeine triggers my anxiety and it started interrupting my personal life), I've been focusing on a healthier diet and hitting the gym. I've been reading books during my commute instead of playing games on my phone, deleted apps from my phone that wasted data and time (Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat), and I've prioritized friend time over dating. 

I know this tale is as old as time, but being good to your body makes ALL the difference. I still don't understand why partying and over-consuming alcohol ever seems like a good idea while you're doing it - it never ends well and you suffer for an entire day following. I'm really am just getting too old for this shit. Opting to go to the gym instead of binge drinking bourbon and making bad decisions doesn't seem like the most fun alternative, but believe me, it's better in the end. Remind myself I said that in a month. 

Are you still pursuing your 2017 goals? 

Top: Forever21
Jacket: Little Mistress
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Lulu*s

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

Thursday, January 5, 2017

time may change me

Holy smokes, we made it through 2016!  I’m not going to lie; it got pretty sketchy there at the end. If you’ve ever been through a rough patch, where everything just seems wrong or a little (a lot) off, my past two weeks can relate. 

Near the end of December I started to essentially self-destruct. I received a bit of bad news and everything came tumbling down after that. I distanced myself from everybody who cared about me, I hurt the feelings of those I love most, I had a short fuse, and I was totally bummed 24 hours a day. I acted out of character  - awkward, weird, and pretty rude. I couldn’t shake it. I thought it was out of my control – but we all knew I could do something about it. 

I spent a good chunk of my winter “break” by myself. I wandered the city and Brooklyn for new nooks I had yet to discover. I detached from everything and went on hikes. I made friends with a new book that I still can’t put down. I was asleep by midnight on New Year's Eve. I treated myself to a massage. I went on coffee dates with nobody. I searched far, wide, and deep for answers when I couldn’t even find the questions.

While I don’t feel like I’ve figured it all out, I do know that I’m inspired to turn different areas of my life in some new directions. I’m excited to dedicate my time and energy toward something positive for myself.  For the first time since moving back to New York, I feel like I have some true goals in mind.

We all need to hit the restart button sometimes.

Jacket: Twenty5A
Sweater: Forever21
Shirt: H&M
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Haystacks Brand
Boots: CAT Footwear

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo