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Every year, gift giving gets a little more difficult. What does my dad want that he doesn’t already have? What can I do that’s meaningful? How can I do all of this on a budget? I’m lucky to have found my answer this year so I don’t have to do last minute shopping. 

There used to be a Things Remembered store in my local mall where I grew up in Akron. I remember getting gifts for my boyfriend there and receiving super meaningful gifts from family as well. As an Ohio-based company, I was really excited to support them this year. I also covered gifts of every family member and even friends - all online! Check out my picks:

For mom:

My mom and I both love to drink wine, especially together. She has the absolute best taste in good wine, so I love going home to share a bottle with her. How cute are these personalized wine glasses? The words "drink up" are engraved in a gold metallic and I love the gold rim. I was inspired by these photos (1 / 2 / 3) on the Things Remembered Instagram page. Who knew my favorite gift shop from middle school still has the best gifts in 2017?

For my sister:
My sister has always liked wearing a robe around the house. I definitely get that habit from her and my mom and am often wearing around my apartment and even to sleep in. I adore this hotel style waffle knit kimono robe, and I got it personalized with her name on it (so my mom can't steal it!). I think she'll be thrilled over this cozy and useful gift.

For my dad:
Like my mom and myself, my dad doesn't mind a fully stocked bar. He's a scotch drinker, so personalizing this timeless crystal decanter was a no-brainer. The best part? It's called the Manhattan Decanter which is pretty symbolic given who it's coming from! My dad is always the hardest to shop for, so I always get a little worried. I'm not worried about this gift though -- I know he'll love it.

For my nephew:
My nephew is almost 2 years old - time is flying and he's growing up so quickly! I always want to buy him clothes but I know that there are more meaningful gifts I can get him, too! I didn't know Things Remembered carried such creative gifts for kids - and they're so reasonably priced. Since he'll be learning to read before we know it, I got him this personalized book to help him read and spell his name. It's so cute! 

For my roommates:
I live with three boys, and I share a bathroom with two of them. We're pretty close friends so I wanted to give them something personal and roommate-friendly. I thought these bath towels were so much fun - plus they're masculine enough for the boys. I got one for myself too, of course! I already gave them to the guys and they really loved them. 

For myself (duh):

Did you know Things Remembered carries Fossil watches and accessories that you can personalize? Yeah, I didn't know that either. I was so exhausted choosing gifts for everyone else that I felt like I needed a reward for being so giving! Everything was so affordable at Things Remembered - so I had some leftover cash for myself. I've been looking for a silver watch as I start to wear more silver jewelry and this one was perfect. I got my first initial engraved on the back - I can't wait to wear it all the time! 
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