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I think it's safe to say that more than a style blog, this platform is a place for me to express the zillion thoughts that go on inside my busy mind. More than one ex-fling has told me that they've read my blog and pointed out the connections between my post and what happened between us. "The one that got away" knew that there was a post dedicated to him in February -- he found it "overwhelming". Another long-distance ex-fling mentioned to me last month that he catches up on my blog and wants to just give me a hug (am I that pathetic? haha). The guy from Love Letter #2 reached out because of the post. The latest and greatest is well, the latest. He told me that "a bunch of people sent him a link" about a post - because we have so many friends in common (hint: we don't - and our common acquaintances definitely don't read my blog). Pretty sure you're all just curious, and I'm cool with it. I am, after all, writing about you.

It's somebody else's turn today.

I had the classic New York moment the other night. I ran into an ex. I was on my way home from an event hosted by CAT Footwear (it was an incredible event, by the way - their Fall and Spring lines are LIT.) and I was transferring trains. There was an obscene amount of people packed in at the Essex Street station. My eyes were scanning the platform for a quicker escape to the other end, and I thought I saw a familiar profile. He looked like a really hot version of a guy I dated a couple years ago wearing a black cap. 

The glass of wine I had at the event told me to text him, so I did. After all, there's no way he was venturing out to Brooklyn on a Thursday night. There's no way he's back in the city. There's no way it was him... but it was a good excuse to see how he was doing. 

Turns out it was him. A few texts were exchanged. I thought about asking him to get off at a stop to grab a drink. "Do you live here now?" I asked. "Girlfriend does oddly enough." he answered.


This post is for you. Every person who ends up hurt when a relationship ends hopes for that moment of revenge - when you run into each other and you look damn good. That moment that twists the knife in the other person, even for a moment, like they did to you. You got your moment my friend, and I genuinely hope you're happy. I also genuinely hope I never see you again.

Top & Booties: c/o Windsor Store
Skirt: c/o Boo hoo
Socks: H&M
Sunglasses & Bag: Forever 21

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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