bad songs

10:29 PM

I'm having some of those moments. 
You know what I'm talking about, right?

Those moments where you catch yourself daydreaming about the snow falling outside and you're dancing around a cozy glass cabin with a big glass of red wine and you're wearing an oversized grey turtleneck sweater and his socks. You're cooking together and it smells delectable and the stereo is blasting Tom Petty and you're singing along to every word and it doesn't matter how loud the music is because the closest neighbor is miles away. 

Those moments where you start to drift and wonder what his bed sheets feel like, how the light hits his apartment in the morning, if he snores, and if you're going to fit in that nook between his arm and his chest. Does he kiss you on the forehead when he wakes up? Does he sneak out of bed and bring you coffee? Will he remember how like yours? Does he know you hate Starbucks? Will he carry your coffee for 6 blocks even though it's 14 degrees out and you still insist on a cold brew?

Those moments when you listen abnormally upbeat songs for your taste on repeat. Like this and this and this. You start those songs over and over, sometimes halfway through, so you can hear the beginning again and feel that little tingle in your belly, the tingle you get when you think about him walking through your front door. You also listen to really bad pop songs because they're disturbingly happy.

The moment you realize it's because you could be disturbingly happy as well.

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