eurokittens: prague

8:36 AM

Oh Prague, I cannot wait to see you again. What a pleasant surprise you were. 
Prague was booked because literally EVERYONE recommended we go there. We knew nothing about Prague and did virtually no research. That's what made this city so much fun. We hopped in an Uber from the airport (the one thing we were told was to avoid taxi's as tourists because they'll rip you off) and were immediately greeted with some 90's club music that made me feel like ice skating in a bikini attached to an IV full of Russian vodka with a body builder balanced on each shoulder. 
We had 2 full days to explore the city and we didn't feel like we rushed through anything. 
The best meal of the trip was by far in Prague. It was a tradition Czech meal at restaurant Mlejnice. We had goulash and duck and sauerkraut and dumplings and of course, beer. Our server asked for my number (he was slightly less crazy than the server who ended up with Alyssa's number the next day). I bought a fur hat and we drank cheap (and delicious) beer everywhere we went. We went to the infamous 5 story night club until almost 7am. We went to an American themed bar called the James Dean. The bartenders and go-go dancers were wearing the most cliche American "costumes" you could imagine. We got a total of about 6 hours of sleep in Prague and I regret nothing.

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