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Paris, oh Paris. I love you so much. 

The first time I went to Paris, I left with a shattered phone screen (this trip it was Copenhagen's fault) and a love story that could have been straight out of a movie. No joke, I met a beautiful man named Pierre and we went on a date and strolled the streets of Paris at night and had deep conversations and fell in love for about an hour. 

This time in Paris, I met the first cat I didn't like, realized that all Parisians are not like Pierre and some are actually insane people, got a spontaneous tattoo, and departed with the flu. 

I also remember walking the streets with Alyssa where we asked each other what we got out of this trip. It was then that I came to the realization that I'm totally OK with being on my own. I had put so much pressure on myself as I approached my 30's to settle down romantically. Of course it's something I want, it's something I'm ready for, but I'm not settling. I realized by interacting with so many strangers from so many places and witnessing their reaction to meeting me that I'm actually worth the trouble. I'm kind, caring and generous. I'm intelligent and driven. I'm compassionate and passionate. I have a calm and inviting aura (I'm sure it's purple) that allows people to open up to me easily. I open up to others easily. I truly love living life. I take it all in - from the feeling of my sheets in the morning to the tingle I get in my belly when I think about the boy I like to the buzzing feeling I get when I watch New Yorkers hustle around street corners to get to their next meeting. I still chase bubbles in the middle of the sidewalk so I can pop them, and I can hold (and run) meetings with very powerful people. If somebody doesn't want that, they're missing out. I'm not stopping until they're not only as good as me, but they have to appreciate these things about me too. I can't smother the intensity of my soul. I won't bury my feelings for something. I won't sacrifice myself. 

This trip taught me the value of myself as a friend and a partner. It allowed me to realize that my independence is beautiful and that I shouldn't sacrifice that to defeat a little loneliness. Life may get a little more difficult because of this, but they payoff is going to be the best part.

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