eurokittens: munich

4:08 PM

Admittedly, Germany was the stop that I was least excited about. It wasn't a place that I had always wanted to go to, but Alyssa's heritage is German and we had to opportunity to go to Oktoberfest. Guess what? I'M SO FREAKING GLAD WE WENT TO GERMANY. 
We landed at the airport only to be greeted by the most handsome TSA guard ever. I told him he was beautiful and he asked for my number. Uh, great first impression. We were then picked up at the airport by two very tall, very lovely German men. They were Alyssa's friends and they were SO lovely. Waiting at the apartment for us was an authentic German breakfast that we ate while they tried to braid my hair and I learned how to open a beer with my bare hands. It was German initiation. 
Oktoberfest itself was everything you would think it would be, but on 27 different types of steroids. It was absolutely insane. I want to go back right now. They sang songs about Johnny Depp, were weirdly obsessed with the most random American music, I shattered a massive mug, shattered a plate (I still ate the pretzel), and shattered a few hearts. 
Just kidding.
Other highlights: the schnitzel, the chocolate (according to Alyssa) and the gelato.

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