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9:24 PM

The first of 5 cities, Copenhagen was probably the one I was most excited about. Last time I was in Europe, I met an incredible Danish guy who lived in Copenhagen. He'd FaceTime me from the park by the lake, tell me about the open faced sandwiches (known as smørrebrød) and how you're allowed to have open containers on the street there. He'd send me videos of him and his friends jumping in the water on a summer day, and said he'd get me a mint green bike if I never moved there. He almost convinced me to pack everything up and live among the blonde headed beauties - in fact, I may have promised him that I'd move to Denmark if Trump won the election. I still may hold to that promise for myself. We had ended up moving in different directions... but Copenhagen was still somewhere I dreamt of visiting, so I booked the trip. 

Alyssa and I arrived in the early afternoon on a Saturday and even though it was raining, the city was bustling and the locals didn't flinch at the downpour - in fact, they didn't even use umbrellas. We were double fisting rolling suitcases and umbrellas and in dire need of coffee.

There's a fluid feeling to Copenhagen. It's almost robotic how smooth everything is. The winding cobblestone streets look like they were pulled out of a dream. The men (ohhh, the MEN) were all perfect blonde haired, blue eyed specimens created straight out of the guide on how to create all of my future husbands. I fell in love about 4,000 times. There are truly more bikes than people, the beer is better than America's, the iced coffee is not. The people kept saying it was summer weather even though it was around 60 degrees and raining. 

The Scandinavian design, the hot dogs, and the charm of Copenhagen did not disappoint.

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