deeper blues

7:48 AM

We've all been there: the post-travel slump. You have this incredible cultural experience, accompanied by delicious meals everyday and professional freedom... and then it's over. Like it never happened. Your real life resumes, business as usual. 

You're left with nothing and wanting more, like you had this amazing fling with this wild and free-spirited man who made you feel happy and so alive, and he just disappeared, back on his plane to Australia or something. You know you'll never see him again. The feeling is quite empty. 

I've returned from 15 days in Europe with more than memories. I've returned with new goals (like a cool freelance gig and eliminating alcohol) along with the flu, bronchitis and an eye infection (all at the same time - what luck!). All of these have given me more time to buckle down on my professional life and have forced me to focus on my health, but my social and romantic lives have suffered. With the strict cut-off of dating apps and weakness to resist a good glass of red, I've alienated myself from pretty much every social aspect of my life. I'm not quitting alcohol for good, just getting back on track with my priorities and decreasing distractions from my professional goals. It's still torture. I still dream of that last Aperol Spritz in Paris. 

Side note: when will it get chilly enough to wear this amazing alpaca sweater on the reg? Other side note: I've caught 3 grown men, all on separate occasions, picking their nose in public today. 

Welcome back to New York!

Sweater by Laura Siegel Collection
Booties by Report Shoes
Jeans by Zara

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