the gold

3:35 PM

Sometimes you gotta feel like a straight up badass disco queen from the pages of The Fear and Loathing of Las Vegas and call it a day. The last time I was in Orlando, my co-worker persuaded (blackmailed) me into renting a convertible just so she could blast Taylor Swift. I only let that last so long, then I drowned us all in the sadness of Lorde and whipped my head around in the wind until it was unsafe. 

To be honest, detaching myself from the real world and literally swimming in the Floridian humidity was a good break. That night at dinner, I stuffed myself with four rolls of bread and I regret nothing.

I wish men were like rolls of bread and you only regretted them for like, 10 minutes.

Jacket by Little Mistress
Photography by Zafi Ahmed

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