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Weekends are flying by and summer 2017 will be history before we know it. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by this year – I swear it was just New Year’s Eve and I was walking around TriBeCa reading my Bruce Springsteen book, looking for a place to drink too much iced coffee before I gave up caffeine for almost 5 months. I remember like it was yesterday when February rolled around and I road tripped back to Ohio with 3 of my best friends and we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday and my roommate drank a beer out of a shoe. I feel like it was just April and I was in California celebrating my 30th poolside with my friends and throwing glitter in the air at Coachella while hundreds of strangers sang Happy Birthday to me. It was just June when I was strictly wearing Cavs gear and I was frequenting a bar in Union Square, drinking too much whiskey and watching too much basketball and unintentionally falling too hard for somebody.
As I travel over the next few weeks (Ohio, Maine, and skipping all over Europe), I’m also going to make sure I take in every last moment of summer here in New York City with appreciation. My 30th year on earth has brought me some tough lessons, even more beautiful moments, and more wisdom than I could have expected. 

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Dress by Tobi
Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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