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Before yesterday, you made have noticed a blog hiatus. I guess I haven't needed to post or write at all - I was feeling fulfilled in other ways, busy with my life outside of keeping up with my blog. I do however find this to not only be a creative outlet, but an emotional outlet as well, and I choose to keep it that way. When I published my Love Letter Series in February, I received more overwhelming feedback from my writing than I had from any outfit post. I guess my readers (like you, because you're reading this - yay!) are looking for something deeper than outfits and styling inspo as well. Thanks for that. 

We're going down the vulnerable rabbit hole again and I don't see myself going back on another hiatus for a while. I started journaling almost daily about three weeks ago, and while that is my raw footage, I think my experience has a place on my blog as well. 

My friends, especially those in committed relationships, love hearing stories about my single life in New York City. The mishaps are absolutely TV worthy - and maybe I'll revisit some of those situations for entertainment purposes. There are also incredibly frustrating situations, where I feel like a millennial hybrid of Carrie Bradshaw (without the good shoes) and Bridget Jones (without the cute accent) on a daily basis. I probably have worse grammar than both, but let's keep our hopes high because each character had that happy ending that I mentioned in my last post.

It's apparent in my writing that the single life isn't what I want - but let's make the best of it, shall we? Cross your fingers that we stumble on another Missed Connection story.

Photo by Graham Burns

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