february 16th

1:20 PM

I found this in my notes on my phone, and I just had to share it. I've been complaining so much lately that I've forgotten how wonderful life actually is. I allow people to tear me apart sometimes, I give them the power to literally dissolve my optimism, and I'm happy that I've gotten over the most recent obstacle. 


it was a perfect saturday morning as i drifted in and out of waking up. in fact, the was the most perfect saturday morning that i've ever encountered. there was no breakfast in bed, no lover next to me, no exciting news. there was a slight hangover lingering in my head and chatter in the kitchen on the other side of my bedroom door. the exact amount of sun lit my bedroom to make it feel like a secluded heavenly escape. eleanor laid on the pillow above my head as her eyes darted around, chasing the shadows of the birds beyond the curtains. a mellow purr buzzed from her belly to my head. sufjan played peacefully from my speakers and my sheets had never felt so soft. i nuzzled and folded myself into every crevice of my blankets. my subconscious swam through mindless observations - the pictures on the wall, the plants on the windowsill, the person i woke up next to the morning before, the sweaters neatly folded, the warm day ahead of me. i had no specific plans for the day but endless ideas. all of the ideas sounded so pleasant. i wanted to do all of them and none of them. it was a hard fight and a long time since i had felt this kind of peace and as i basked in this feeling, i made sure to drink it all in because nothing this good could last this long. nothing this good should last this long. because it would never be appreciated in this way. this moment of peace easily created one of the best mornings of my life.

More of these moments to come, I promised myself that. Until then, here's me looking quaint at my new favorite Brooklyn cafe, Butler. 

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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