coachella looks - part 3

11:52 AM

Recovering from Coachella is a series of events - there's a bit of relief because your body has been pushed to every limit possible, but there's a lot of sadness because the weekend that you've been looking forward to all year is already over. 

Luckily, my Coachella Monday look had me feeling like a desert bandit and I was able to power through the sadness (there was a lot to look forward to back in New York where reality was waiting). The tail end of Coachella is also pretty relieving for me because going all natural is really the only choice - so going sans makeup and hair product left me feeling extra beautiful. Plus Kendrick said he was tired of Photoshop (and frankly so am I).

I partnered with Banjara Collection - the perfect boho clothing line for my gypsy soul - and styled my favorite Coachella looks. Banjara Collection is available at Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, and Belk. This top was my favorite part of Coachella Monday. 

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