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It's a Wednesday but it feels like a Monday morning given the city-wide snow day yesterday, so cheers to my 2 sips of coffee before I turn into a raging ball of anxiety and productivity (I've realized these two go hand in hand sometimes). How was my snow day, you ask? Oh, I'll tell you.

First of all, I worked throughout the day. My job and I are in our honeymoon phase so work feels like the most fun party I've even been to. Here's the deal though: for some reason I feel like this honeymoon phase won't go away, so forgive us for acting like that annoying couple that you're secretly jealous of - the couple that is still so disgustingly in love two years later that you're suspicious that they're faking it but you secretly know that it's the real deal. I think this is the real deal. Though my judgement is a bit off because I thought the same thing about the last guy I dated... hmph.

I also attempted to go to my trusty 24 hour Planet Fitness but it was closed, so I trekked - literally - to the grocery store to buy healthy food due to the cloud of guilt looming over me from eating the bacon and biscuits that my roommate made for breakfast. I swear as soon as I see results from hustling at the gym, I binge eat 4 cheeseburgers in one week because I assume I'm 22 again and the burgers won't come back to haunt me and my thighs.

To continue my healthy habits of veggies and intentions of hitting the gym, I used my favorite e.l.f. cosmetics hydrating bubble mask and balanced it all out by drinking wine straight out of the bottle as I danced to Two Door Cinema Club because I imagine I'll be doing that EXACT thing at Coachella in a month. In case you're still wondering, I'm clearly a mysterious and sensual vixen.

I ended the day by cooking more food than I could handle and starting a sewing project that I probably won't finish. I'll end up giving you the excuse that I'm an Aires and we never finish anything that we start.


I was well into my second sip of coffee and clearly buzzing as I was scanning my Facebook feed this morning. My darling friend Lauren, also an Ohio to New York transplant, shared this post from Man Repeller called 29 Unspoken Rules of Living in New York. There are a ton of posts simliar to this on Gothamist and TimeOut, but this one tickled my little heartstrings and made me giggle. Some favorite rules on this list:

3. Best not to make eye contact with people on the subway, unless you both give eye-contact consent in the form of a flirty expression that one or both of you may reference later on a Craigslist Missed Connection post. (relevant, right?)

9. If you must stand still in the flow of pedestrian traffic to use your phone, please move as far right as possible/extricate yourself from the flow entirely. (get. out. of. my. way.)

13. Always help the lady with the stroller on the subway stairs.

25. Have your MetroCard ready and in hand when approaching the subway turnstiles. (no, SERIOUSLY get out of my way)

Happy Monday/Wednesday, kiddos! 

Top & Jacket: H&M
Skirt & Bag: Forever 21
Boots: ASOS
Bowie Cat Pin: Danielle V Green
Tupac Pin: Lil Bullies

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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