the love letter series: number two

1:55 PM

I was broken yet excited - recently single from 10 years of commitment. You saved me from my first Tinder date - you saw the whole scene play out from behind the bar. My date was clearly catfish material and I was intimidating and confident. As soon as my awkward counterpart ran to the restroom, a little small talk was established and it was history from there. My date could see it when he returned but he put up a good fight for my attention.

You were practically forbidden because you played drums in enemy territory of my so-called friends. These friends ended up being hypocrites of the same unspoken rule, but that's ok. I also thought you were beyond out of my league, but you were still interested. You were one of the smartest people I had spoken to with the ability to open up immediately. You took me to hip bars in Los Feliz and introduced me to what you said was the best margarita in the world.  You introduced me to Banks and we drove in your friend’s car because he was out of town.

Our fling was short and innocent, and you decided that I wasn’t over my ex-boyfriend because he was in one of the many Polaroid photos hanging on my refrigerator. The truth is, I wasn't over him, but I still think about you all the time too. You were the first boy to call me on the phone just to talk, you challenged me and called me out on my bullshit, and you peaked my interest enough to pull me out of my romanticized past.

To the one who got away: thank you. 

The Love Letter Series is a personal tribute to people that hold a little piece of my heart. These letters aren't necessarily about love; they're dedicated to long relationships, short encounters, romanticized memories, heartbreaking losses, longing, and forgiveness - all without a name mentioned. Vulnerability is a feeling I've long avoided, so these letters are an intimate look inside my highly guarded heart. 

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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