the love letter series: number five

4:25 PM

I may be hours away from you,
We may have our different political views,
I may not have any money in savings,
I might have just started to use my electric toothbrush,
We may not talk as much as mom and I do,
I might have disappointed you many times,
We may not go on weekly lunch dates anymore,
I know I worried you when I followed a boy out to California,
I may not be as responsible as you'd like...


I'm always going to be your little girl. 

The Love Letter Series is a personal tribute to people that hold a little piece of my heart. These letters aren't necessarily about love; they're dedicated to long relationships, short encounters, romanticized memories, heartbreaking losses, longing, and forgiveness - all without a name mentioned. Vulnerability is a feeling I've long avoided, so these letters are an intimate look inside my highly guarded heart. 

Photos by Alyssa Timoteo

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