a new start

12:22 PM

Something that I've learned about myself over the past year is that I'm on the most extreme end of being a romantic dreamer. My best friend (who's a self-proclaimed jaded realist) says it's endearing, but that I should never tell a guy I'm seeing what I really think about him after the first date because I'll scare the shit out of him. 

Wait, what? Why would I ever admit this? 

I'm actually not sure why I'm admitting to this. Apparently being giddy and infatuated is very unattractive (even though it's the best feeling).  There's a song that reminds me of this feeling - "No No No" by Beirut - that I listen to ALL the time when I'm caught up in a new love interest. Upbeat, hopeful, friendly. I love it too much.

Yes, the love interest is this new Tobi suede dress ;) 

Dress: Tobi
Top: Zara
Boots: ASOS
Bag: Haystacks 
Sunglasses: Zara

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