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I hope everybody had a fantastic holiday weekend! I got Friday AND Monday off - it was so nice. It's a cool(ish) and dreary day here in NYC which is exactly what I needed. I've been attempting to keep up with these posts - if not for any body else, definitely for myself. I hope if you invest your time in reading them that you're enjoying them as well! Here's my weekly round-up of fun facts:

1. Good causes are cool. If you were looking to spend your hard earned cash on something that matters (instead of that XXL pizza you were planning on ordering tonight), I have a couple ideas for you: 

Idea #1: I saw my friend Jesse Ruben play a show for the first time in a while. Not only is he a pretty rad musician, but he's also been suffering with Lyme Disease for a long time (he's such an amazingly upbeat person that you could never tell that he's going through this terrifying situation). The cool part about this? He's the first person to ever run a marathon to raise money for the Global Lyme Alliance. Jesse himself has gone through years of treatment, yet this badass dude is training for the marathon himself - he hasn't run a marathon since 2010. Help him kick ass and donate to his cause here

Idea #2: My friend Alyssa and I are raising money for the flood victims in Louisiana and West Virginia. I wrote a whole blog post on it - check it out here. While we had original plans of driving to Baton Rouge over Labor Day weekend, we realized that logistically we were getting a little ambitious. While Baton Rouge has received some media coverage, the tragedy certainly hasn't received enough attention. In addition to that, did you hear about the floods that destroyed the town of Clendenin, West Virginia in late June? We didn't either, until Hannah from The HALO Foundation saw our fundraiser on Facebook and invited us to help (something much more realistic than driving to Baton Rouge). We had an absolute blast meeting new friends, volunteering, and of course, road tripping! We appreciate the support of our friends and family and all of the contributions made so far - and we're still accepting donations. Donate to our cause here!

2. While strolling through some shops by my office, I realized that love at first sight is a real thing. I'm actually beyond obsessed with these booties from Free People. They're simple and comfortable, but beautifully designed and subtly stand out. They've actually inspired the vibe of my entire fall wardrobe. You can see the rest of my fall wardrobe inspiration on my Pinterest board composed of affordable pieces that I can actually buy (I may have already indulged in a few pieces already). 

3. As always, I'm craving a getaway. The first places that come to mind? A glass house upstate New York, Copenhagen, Joshua Tree, and a treehouse in Hawaii -all thanks to stalking Airbnb. Which destination are you feeling? 

Oh, hello there, you stunning glass cabin. This dream house is pretty much sold out through November (and doesn't seem to have any reservations available over weekends) but I'm determined to make it mine somehow. A rental car, a handsome man, a case of Cabernet or Malbec, and bags on bags of groceries to craft some yummy meals is exactly what I'm in the mood for. Bonus points for ambience can be achieved through flowers, Anthropologie candles, and super soft sweatpants. 

This charming treehouse has romantic getaway written all over it. I've never been to Hawaii (I should have taken advantage of being so close while living in LA) but that's not stopping me from writing it close to the top of my bucket list. Would breakfast in bed, exploring waterfalls, and perfect blue water too much to ask for in addition to this?

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are my next stops internationally since I've had the pleasure of getting to know some pretty awesome Danes over the past few months. A Danish summer sounds like heaven given the humid heat waves we've experienced in New York. And facts are facts: studies show that people are just happier there, and you can't go wrong with happiness. Side note: Scandinavian design is perfect. Just perfect.

Most of my favorite west coast memories are road trips. After camping a few times with my California/Ohio family, I can't stop thinking about going back. I know we've always camped, but how cute is this kitchen? I see Timmy Twister making Ohio-shaped pizzas in that oven and Marni being very happy with a flushable toilet (miss you babes so much).

4. I'm not a beer connoisseur like some of my friends, but it was a holiday weekend and I'm still craving the perfect accompaniment for my hot dogs and hamburgers. I discovered the Braven Brewing Company (a Brooklyn local, based right here in Bushwick) with super hip packaging - and the stuff inside definitely doesn't disappoint. I'll take 6, please!

5. You know when your horoscope is totally accurate about you as a person AND it tells you exactly what you want to hear? Thanks a zillion, Refinery29: 

You, a hopeless romantic? Yup, it's happening, Aries. This week, envelope-pushing Jupiter launches a new 13-month cycle could earn you status as the zodiac’s #LoveWins champion and cheerleader. Until October 2017, the red-spotted planet will be parked in Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships. While you adore passion, you can still be a hard one to pin down. You’re often hesitant to dive in full-force or get caught in the net, since you need your solitary space and "me time." But Jupiter is breaking it down for you in a different way: there is freedom to be found in twosomes, too. The right person can pick up where you leave off, lend love and support, and help you double the strength of your efforts. Don’t rule out long-distance relationships or cross-cultural crushes. Liberated Jupiter helps you write your own rules and they don’t necessarily involve a white picket fence. Work the tag teams at the office, too. This Jupiter cycle could bring a killer collaboration that brings you industry cred. Lawyer up, though, because you don't want to leave the terms up to a handshake deal. 

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