in the summer silence

4:47 PM

This summer has been an interesting one. I can definitely say it's been on the better half of the 29 summers I've experienced, but it has also had a good share of mishaps and lessons. I thrive on living life to the fullest, embracing every experience and milking it to the last drop, and saying 'yes' to anything that comes my way. I'm rarely spending an evening at home lounging on the couch, and I'm often finding myself too tired to feel 100% because I never want to miss out on a single evening in this beautiful city. 

This has caught up to me. 

I'm ready for the weather to cool down - not so I can wear this dope jacket everywhere - but also so I can chill out myself. I'm excited for the weather to be an excuse to hole up for a weekend. I'm excited to have some seriously deep conversations with myself about the person that I want to become. Most of all, I'm excited to hang out with my cat.

Do you have any big plans for the tail end of the year? 

Dress: Forever 21 
Jacket: twenty5a
Shoes: Forever 21

Photos by Jeff Ju

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