We're lending a hand in Louisiana!

10:32 PM

Friends, family, friends of family and family of friends (or anybody else who will listen), my friend Alyssa and I work together, and our employer was generous enough to give us an extra day off over Labor Day Weekend. Instead of lounging around overcrowded swimming pools and shotgunning beers on Brooklyn rooftops, we decided to use that extra time wisely - we're taking our talents to Baton Rouge. I myself have family in the area (shoutout to my cousin Michelle who JUST gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this week) and have seen how little coverage this devastating tragedy has received from the media. The people of Louisiana need as much help (and as many supplies) as they can get, and we want to contribute.

Alyssa and I are not capable of writing checks at this time, but we are incredibly compassionate people that want to do something for the relief of the victims of the flooding in Louisiana. We're going to rent a car, pack it to the brim of the most needed and necessary supplies for flood victims, and head down south to lend a hand. We've already been accepted by All Hands Volunteers and have been scheduled to get to work!

We would be flattered and very grateful if you donated to our Go Fund Me campaign - our goal is to raise enough money to cover our rental car and necessities for Alyssa and I - and of course to bring as many supplies as possible with us. Any remaining money will be donated to the relief of the flood victims in Louisiana.

We hope you are able to donate - and either was we would appreciate if you could share this with your friends and family.


Sarah & Alyssa

Direct donation link: https://gofundme.com/lyssandsartobr

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