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I've decided that I can use my blog for more than just a page of outfit photos - but also as a platform for my voice, for myself and anybody else. These posts are pieces of my journey that I would like to share with you and as a reward of my personal growth.

Each week, I will share a few things I learned or experienced. They could be deep thoughts, a fun product I discovered, or a silly story. I hope you enjoy! 

1. You will survive! The heat wave, that is. Humidity is not something I plan on getting used to, and the last few weeks have been punishment for my stubborn attitude. Some tools for survival? I sealed every single opening in the apartment so absolutely no hot air could get in, I embraced my natural curls, I took my makeup to work (because I would literally sweat everything off before I walked out the door), and slept naked, of course. 

2. I learned that I'm not a terrible person. I can be extremely hard on myself because I rarely think about decisions before I make them. I was overcome with emotion due to a few situations, and at one point, I hit a peak. I can usually keep my composure, but this time, I couldn't handle it. Shortly after this breaking point, I spent some time with an individual who asked me what my Myers-Briggs Personality Type was. I was always curious about this, but often got too distracted to look into it. 

Long story short, the personality test felt SPOT ON. Whether it's accurate or not, it validated some of my decisions and reactions. I understood myself so much more and I realized that I don't have to explain why I feel what I feel. I also felt less alone and more proud of who I was than ever before. Some people are meant to appear in your life for a reason, and this friend was at the right place at the right time.

3. On a lighter note, Zara's new collection is to die for. I'm already getting a feel for my fall wardrobe, thanks to these bits of inspiration:

4. I rediscovered a happy hour spot that I used to frequent in college. I haven't visited yet, but $3.50 cocktails in the middle of midtown are telling me that it's going to happen very soon.

5. I meal planned like a boss. My friend Alyssa and I got together last Monday night and grocery shopped, cooked, and obviously we drank wine. The budget for lunch all week? $25. How many (healthy) meals did we get? 8. SERIOUSLY. $3.12 per meal is less than my Starbucks in the morning. Cheers to that! 

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