these flats were made for walking

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Flats can be just as powerful, fashionable, and fabulous as your favorite pair of boots and heels. You just have to rock the right pair at the right time. Check out a few of these chic flat styles that are sure to make your heels jealous this fall.

Ballet Flats
Yes, those pretty ballet flats you have from five years ago are still in style, but they're probably no where near as pristine as they were when you bought them.

If they have a bit more scuffs than shine, it might be time to invest in some new ballet flats. The good news is that a new pair will likely last you another five years. Ballet flats are a classic fashion staple. Their simple design goes with just about anything from jeans, to dresses, to skirts, and there's never an event where they're inappropriate. Check out the must-have ballet flats on W's list for inspiration on new designs.

Lace Up Gladiators
Who would have thought gladiators would still be around years after their resurgence in 2009? Even back then they looked too trendy to stick around, and all those straps just seemed impractical.

Well, designers have revamped the style again and they're back and better than ever. An article from E! Online said Jenna Dewan Tatum killed it in gladiators, expertly balancing her shoes with a flirty, red polkadot dress and crossbody bag. Diane Kruger also used a similar tactic, balancing her bold midi dress with a mid-calf style sandal. They're still show stoppers, but they serve better as a way to complete an outfit, rather than a piece you should work your outfit around.

Loafers also came back in a big way this year. These simple, yet classic shoes are comfortable, stylish, and easy to pair with a variety of pieces.

Some women are a little intimidated by loafers, because they can look a bit masculine, but if you look at the images of loafers among Lyst's array of flats, a lot of the modern designs incorporate softer lines and posh accents to give them a feminine angle. The toes are also rounded more so than men's loafers, and you can easily find women's designs in brighter colors and shimmery exterior.

If you're still concerned that they look too masculine, grab a pair in suede. It will soften the overall look of the shoe.

You probably already have some other stylish shoes and the always necessary flip flops. Get out there and grab some stylish flat this season, and your footwear collection will be complete.

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