summer in session

3:39 PM

There's a vast difference between New York and Los Angeles when it comes to climate - we're all aware of this. I had made it through my first winter in a few years without frost bite, hibernation weight, or a sub-zero driven temper tantrum! All was right in the world until I realized that I have to encounter humidity and mosquitos again. I forgot about those. 

Either way, the warm weather has raised my spirits an obscene amount, and I'm whipping out sundresses and showing skin like nobody's business. Almost 30 years old? That's not stopping me from a crop top or these adorable crochet peek-a-boo details. 

Tobi has been one of my top online shopping destinations since a coworker revealed this site to me over a year ago, and they're always surprising me with fantastic deals (50% off site wide, y'all). Galavanting through Brooklyn was nbd when I had this breezy little number to beat the heat (and the wind). 

Summer responsibly, kids! 

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