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In a massive city where everyone is hustling somewhere, aspiring to be something bigger, and competing with everyone else to do these things, it’s essential to break away from that pressure and enjoy your space and accomplishments. My happy place where I feel calm, collected, appreciative, and intelligent is LACMA. No, I don’t know a load about art, but I love leaning about art and storing those facts and pieces in the back of my mind each time I leave the museum. Most of all, strolling through these galleries and mingling with such significant pieces of history is more inspiring than anything else. I promised myself I would learn more about world history and art history, so here I am with my LACMA membership on a Saturday night. Plus, they have great food and cocktails, so you know I’d be there anyway.

Urban Lights is by far one of the most popular pieces at LACMA – tourists congregated with their GoPros and peace signs – but it’s also an extraordinary piece of art. I’ve always stuck my nose up to playing and weaving through the poles myself, but I couldn’t resist when the remarkable Ryan Pesecky pulled out his camera. Needless to say, spinning around in circles in my happy place were ingredients for an evening that will not be forgotten. 

I always feel a bit obligated to dress up when I head to a museum or gallery. I feel so sophisticated walking around and browsing these awe-inspiring pieces – I want to look sophisticated too. I spent a few years ditching high heels and I’m trying to jump back on that train, so heading to LACMA is always a reason to throw on the training wheels (you know what I mean, yeah?). This flowing Forever 21 dress was an option to wear to a wedding but the macrame material seemed a bit casual. I’m glad I saved it for dancing around LACMA. 

Dress: Forever 21
Booties: Steve Madden [similar]
Necklaces: c/o Rocksbox

Photos by Ryan Pesecky 

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