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11:06 AM

Tis the season for competition! 

I was rewarded with a pretty fantastic compliment from on of my dearest dude friends, and he said “Sarah, you’re like the perfect amount of female sports fan. You’re not annoyingly into it, you still have your own interests, but you have your teams and you know enough about every sport to be able to hold your own while watching a game”. I mean, those weren’t the exact words, but pretty much. Now while I was typing this, I was thinking of what my readers would think – who cares what a guy thinks? You’re a woman, you can be whatever kind of sports fan you want to be. Yadda yadda. Simply put - it’s a compliment to me! 

Anyway, aside from fashion passionately speaking to me, I can get really into a game, especially when the heart of my hometown is involved. Being raised in Akron has given me the classic Midwest qualities: a good attitude, a bubbly and polite personality, and constant appreciation. Being from Akron has also given me pride because of the incredible people that have also come from this town – The Black Keys, Chrissy Hynde, and yes, LeBron James. We were born in the same hospital, we’ve crossed paths and been at the same parities and events, we probably even order the same kind of burger at Swenson's. Yes, this is all really, really cool. But the best part is, this small city in the Midwest has something to be SO proud of. A champion that came home. And all I can hope for is that LeBron and his team can give Akron and Cleveland something even better – the championship that Northeast Ohio has been deprived of since 1964. 

Oh, the outfit… 

Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Madewell

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