Bend the Rules: The Finals

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There’s no hiding this, if you follow my Instagram or Twitter accounts, you know I’m Cavs crazy right now. It’s all I can think about, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t help but feel overwhelming pride and immense love for my hometown of Akron, Ohio as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers push their way through the NBA Finals to potentially earn the first championship that the city of Cleveland has seen in 51 years.

I’ve said this many times, but being from the same city, born in the same hospital, and to have crossed paths many times with the king himself only ignites my drive and creativity. Inspired by the HP x360 Behind the Scenes video, I asked Akronites and other Cavs fans (and maybe a couple Warriors fans, uh oh) how they’ve bent the rules like LeBron to achieve success. As you can see in the HP x360 Behind the Scenes video, different people can feel the same kind of success by achieving different goals. 

I’ve bent the rules more times than I can count, and I’ve never regretted doing this once. I left the typical life in Ohio (as much as I love my home state) with a good job that could have easily grown into something bigger, a steady and healthy relationship, and the whole white picket fence story. I picked up and left it all for a life in New York City, and did it again for a life out here in Los Angeles. Starting over is scary, and so is putting yourself out there in vulnerable situations, but I’ve never been afraid to move on to the next job, cut ties with poisonous people, or insert myself into a new life if it means that I’m living to my best capability. I remember when LeBron left Ohio, the burning of jerseys, the anger. I was sad, I actually cried, but I knew that I wanted to do the same thing. LeBron and his journey definitely inspired me to pick up and go (but I don’t think I’ll be coming home like he did). 

So, what did these fellow friends and (temporary) enemies say?

“I believe the most successful people are the rule breakers and risk takers. Just recently I decided to leave corporate America and my comfort zone to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion stylist.” - Marni, Cavs Fan

“To be anything more than ordinary, you cannot follow the same limitations as everyone else. You have to push the rules  right to their edge to do something special and be successful. “ – Mark, Cavs Fan

“I sneak my dog into the office and hide her under my desk even though I’m not allowed.” - Jason, Warriors Fan

“I was offered a job in Hawaii, so I packed up all of my stuff and moved in 1 week.” - Brandon, Warriors Fan

“I get what I want by making people decide the rules should not apply to me. If they forget those rules exist, I can't get in trouble, and the best part is that they are then invested in my success. “ – Tim, Cavs Fan

“I’m rule-less” - Nina, Warriors Fan

“Cognitive dissonance." – Steve, Warriors Fan

“Dude, I don’t bend rules, I’m a straight shooter.” - Jason, Warriors Fan

How do you bend the rules to achieve success?
Watch the HP x360 Behind the Scenes video HERE.

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