4 ways to get inspired with the HP x360

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I was in an inspirational rut last week and really needed to dig myself out of it. It was a writers block of general creativity – from picking out an outfit in the morning to problem solving at work. I was all out of ideas, and I needed to fix it fast.

I decided to have a date with myself this past weekend – myself and my new toy – the HP x360. I would call it a laptop but it’s not just that – it’s a laptop, a tablet and an entertainment station all in one. The device literally has a 360 degree radius to meet all of your inspirational and entertainment needs, and that’s exactly what I needed. I now feel refreshed and full of creativity and ideas thanks to my date with myself. I’ve decided to share with you 4 ways to inspire yourself this weekend brought you by HP and my new x360!

Entertain yourself! 
Wether you want to watch your favorite movie for the 968th time, explore documentaries or browse YouTube videos, watch something that will inspire you creatively. Since HP is partnering with Megan Trainor on her "That Bass Tour”, I propped my x360 in Tent Mode and watched a few music videos (and danced A LOT – not pictured for your safety). Upbeat music always puts me in a good mood and inspires me to dress up and leave my apartment. You can actually catch both HP and Megan Trainor on tour, see if she’ll hit your city here: http://bit.ly/allaboutthattour

Remove yourself and Research! 
Whenever I’m trying to focus on something, my own home is my worst distraction. I headed out to a place with good vibes and great food: Gratitude Café. I whipped out my x360 and opened it in laptop mode for full focus and productivity.

Explore alone! 
Since I can take my x360 anywhere, I brought it along for the ride. Since I’ve moved around from Ohio to New York City to LA, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to go out and explore alone. If you wait for other people all the time, you miss out on lots of places you could have experienced already. I walked around one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA, Larchmont Village, and took lots of photos that I could display on my x360 in Stand Mode. 

Look for Pinspiration! 
I ended my day relaxing on my balcony overlooking downtown Los Angeles. While I gathered many of my own ideas that weekend, I know that there are so many people out there with incredible ideas and sources of inspiration as well. I opened my x360 in tablet mode and browsed Pinterest for creative ideas.

Needless to say, I've turned a new page and have so many ideas for myself, my blog, and my wardrobe. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery and to put yourself out there to see life in a different perspective.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HP and opinions expressed herein are those of the author. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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