storms are brewing in your heart

9:27 PM

I've noticed since I've dyed my hair dark that a look at typically looked girly looks rather gothic now. Not that I care - I actually really like feeling like a badass, but it is a different feeling. 

On another note, I'm going through an internal battle. I'm learning so much about myself right now and have come to a crossroads of loyalty between a friend and how I feel about a particular issue. I don't even feel stressed about this - I know that I'll make the right choice when the time comes. There's something incredibly settling about being on your own. You don't really have anything to lose. I have a feeling I'm on the verge of gaining something that could change a good deal of things in my life though. But it's not money. Dammit.

Dress: Blackheart (only $15!)
Shirt: GAP
Bag & Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Vintage
Hat: Brandy Melville

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