fall feelings

6:46 PM

Those fall feelings.... most people love fall, and I do too, but there's something about the chilly air and early evenings that leave a pit in my stomach. I can't shake it... but usually I'm distracted by fall-like plans or I'm busy concentrating on layering of new autumn finds and old summer pieces.

I'm loving my new neighborhood in LA, I recently moved and feel like I'm finding myself more and more these days. There's no charming shops or bakeries, no popular bars or sightseeing spots nearby, but it is reasonably close to every one of those things while still enjoying some peace (aside from the horrific parking situation).

I'm putting a bandaid over these empty fall feelings by wearing over the knee socks and pulling some scarves that I pulled out of old boxes. How are you dealing with your growing pains? Do you enjoy the chill that comes with the continuing seasons?

Dress, shoes, and socks: Forever 21
Earrings: Vintage

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