falling for plaid

5:33 PM

Finding fall weather and fall colors around Southern California is rather difficult, however, if you decide to drive through Barstow, California 4 times within 6 days, you'll notice a little patch of yellow trees between there and Victorville. Clearly I had to stop and snap some of these shots (because I know when I lived in Ohio, relating to fashion surrounded palm trees in November just made me angry).

This plaid dress is the perfect fall staple. I'm a dress girl, always will be, so I need something thicker and a little more seasonal for these coming months. The pretty little embroidered details give it just the right feminine touch. 

Pairing socks with combat boots is also a new favorite seasonal styling trick, I think I started doing this after I saw my best friend wearing it so well. I love when I can pull ideas from people that don't necessarily call themselves "fashionistas", it's just true personal style that seems really organic.

What's your fall staple piece?

Dress: Conversation Pieces (get free shipping with the code STYLESARAH)
Socks & Bag: Forever 21
Hat: Brandy Melville
Boots: Yellow Box

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