it's sweater season

3:17 PM

It's true! I never, ever wear heels - so this is a very rare outfit. I've embraced my vertically challenged height of 5'1", and I'm pretty proud of being the tiniest person in the crowd wherever I go. With that being said, there’s nothing more beautiful than a good pair of heels, and let’s be honest – they do wonders for your legs and booty that flats just aren't capable of. It was a kind-of-casual Friday and a bit chilly. Sweater weather is starting to settle in (I hope!), but my one year in LA has taught me that winter is a very mild and short-lived season. After all, last December I was encountering 90 degree heat while my family and friends back home were suffering one of the harshest winters in years. I think I’ll take California weather over that.

I also distressed this denim myself. I never wore these jeans and felt they needed an update. Luckily, the unfinished hem is a pretty booming trend so I didn't have to use my sewing machine at all – I just snipped and distressed! I just used scissors, but here’s another great DIY distressing tutorial I found. 

Jeans: H&M (self-distressed)
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Bag: Forever 21

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