a tropical two-piece

2:40 PM

While my style has gone from pretty simple to pretty print heavy, I'm finding myself opening up to looks that I never would have thought about wearing a year ago. When I saw this top and shorts at Forever 21, I knew I had to buy it right away. I feel like I should always have a frozen drink in my hand right next to a pool in this outfit, but most of the time I'm just running errands while wearing this. I guess that works too.

I spent a couple years never wearing heels, and I forgot how feminine and powerful they make me feel. I'm slowly investing in more height, even though no matter what anybody says, heels (I just misspelled this as hells so you get the point) are far more uncomfortable than any flat any day. 

Where would you wear this loud two-piece outfit?

I'm no beauty blogger, but I had to show off some of my new summer (and travel) essentials. The mini Venus razor and Secret deodorant have been perfect for packing for work trips (I actually like this Venus more than my regular sized razor). The Cover Girl lip color is the most lovely festive pink, and the foundation gives light but full coverage. The Olay products have kept my skin healthy and clear, even when I'm too exhausted to wash my face after a long day.

Top & Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita

This genre of music isn't in my typical playlist, but I'm a sucker for anything romantic and I love this song. It helps that John Legend's wife if the star of the video, and it helps that she has the raddest personality ever. Kudos x a million.

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