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11:58 PM

On a particularly windy desert day, we took yet another trip from LA to Vegas. We promised each other we would stop at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner (I'm sure anyone that has made this trip knows what I mean by the trillions of signs) and finally we decided to commit to the detour. While we always order too much food, and we always enjoy it and have the best time. Sometimes I pause and sit in those moments and just take in how happy I am. This was definitely one of those times that I'll always hold onto.

While the wind was whipping like I've never seen (I guess this happens all the time in the desert), the heat didn't let up either. I have a problem with packing heavy, so this trip I decided to pack my most travel-friendly items and go light. The solution was a simple vintage tee, my favorite floral shorts (detailed with the most lovely pom pom trim), and some silver oxfords that I got for a stunning $8 at Target. Let's not forget about the oh so trendy straw hat (this is also vintage). 

To me, this travel look is perfect for a trip to anywhere, whether it's the desert, the country, or the beach. What's your go-to travel outfit?

Shorts: Conversation Pieces
Shoes: Target
Bag: Ora Delphine
Hat: Vintage

The title of this post is from the incredibly popular Kings of Leon song Use Somebody. Sometimes you feel so much emotion from a song based off of memory, and around 5 years ago this song was the best memory of my life. I can always go back to this song and feel good.

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