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I love dressing for summer because the season is so thematic - you can go for nautical, patriotic, festival, tribal... all of these trends are based around a holiday or a specific summer-type of lifestyle that is incredibly American. While you think of stars and stripes for patriotic, or anchors and sailor hats for a nautical way of dressing, I think these trends can be portrayed in a different fashion (see what I did there?). 

For instance, this look to me is incredibly nautical - although I'm not screaming "I'm on a boat" with navy and white stripes or gold buttons, a simple color scheme can go a long way. Simple brights, navy accents, and feminine touches can set sail in many directions. 

I also have a few favorite brands that you guys should know about - a fashionable (and affordable) website called Conversation Pieces is who provided this lovely, versatile top. This spot is a fantastic place to shop for great basics without breaking the bank. If you use the promo code STYLESARAH at checkout, you can get free shipping on any purchase! Another shop that I'm obsessed with right now is Ora Delphine - the makers of beautiful, high quality leather goods. I've been taking this satchel everywhere with me - it holds my laptop for working on the go, clothes for an overnight stay, and all my basics in between. 

Top: Conversation Pieces (enter STYLESARAH at checkout for FREE SHIPPING)
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Forever 21

The title of this post is from the Radiohead song Karma Police. There's no particular reason why I'm into it right now - but Radiohead is like sushi for me - when I want to have it, nothing else will do. This song is just one of my favorites from this album.

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