we lie under a lavender sky

12:08 AM

I love few things more than breakfast, and this is why: 1. Food is incredible, especially breakfast food 2. The sun almost always out (at least in LA) during breakfast hours 3. The whole day is ahead of you 4. Sausage and Bacon

Reason #4 should be enough explanation.

This was a brunch outfit that I pretty much just threw on. I was going for comfort (even though I threw on a crop top when I knew I was going to overeat) and that's okay. Printed pants are a trend that I have fully committed to - I'm experimenting more with layering prints too. Such a tricky technique! How do you layer prints?

PS: The title of this post is from a Ray LaMontagne song from his new album Supernova. Ray is by far my favorite artist of all time though I'm still trying to get used to this new upbeat sound. I'm particularly excited because I'll be seeing him live for the first time next week! Give this song a listen, and if you've never heard his music, please listen to the albums "Trouble" and "Till The Sun Turns Black" - you won't regret it!

PSS: Dear Ray if you ever read a 27 year old's fashion blog (haha) I LOVE YOU.

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