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Sunday, May 18, 2014

this here city is for the lonely ones

Yet another adventure out west... 

For some reason, growing up out east gives you the impression that everywhere in Arizona is a blistering red desert - and that is not the case at all. The Flagstaff/Grand Canyon area is covered in forest, mountains, and wildlife. There's the occasional stretch of fields sprinkled with gigantic white windmills (which terrify me), and of course, the canyon itself. I packed my bags expecting dry heat and found myself a little chilly most of the trip. Then again, I'm always cold :)

There was something so beautiful about this endless stretch of fields - it made you feel so small yet so big. Our country is so beautiful and though I have been lucky enough to drive through most of it, I feel like I have barely seen a piece of the US. My next adventure is going to be Antelope Canyon - hopefully sometime soon! 

Dress: Forever 21
Top: GAP [similar]
Hat: H&M [similar]
Heart Necklace: SATTERDAY

The title of this post came from the song Trembling Hands by The Temper Trap. I always go back to this band (and album) - I never get sick of their sound and lyrics. This song in particular is something that I can relate to right now.


Makayla McAfee said...

You always look so beautiful. I love this post.

Fashionably Kay

Julie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the setting.

Style by Joules

Isa Machado said...

You look great girl! ;)

Isa M., Tic Tac Living