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10:01 PM

Tis the season for jumpers and rompers! More and more ladies are embracing this trend, and more designers are coming out with silhouettes that are friendly for different shapes, sizes, and heights of women. I am a particularly petite girl, but being short can have its downfalls (like when I look like I'm swimming in a jumper). 

This piece, however, seems to hit my waist at the perfect spot, elongating my legs. The jumper has a flowy, open back and a low cut neckline. The sexier silhouette is balanced by the retro geometrical print. To keep this look close to my personal style, I added a vintage necklace and gave it a modern twist by (lazily) sporting a loose top knot. 

I wore this for 6 hours in the car during a serious heat wave - perfect for comfort, awful when you have to pee. :)

Jumper: Forever 21
Shades: Forever 21

The title of this post comes from the lyrics of one of my favorite Coldplay songs, 'Til Kingdom Come. As you may have noticed, I revisit my favorite albums quite a bit, and the album X&Y by Coldplay will always be a favorite. 

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