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A few weeks ago we explored Area 51 in Nevada - which is known for extraterrestrial life, sightings, and studies. While I get excited for a road trip to the 7-11 for a slice of pizza, I know this road trip will be remembered as one of my favorites of 2014. I'm a sucker for any adventure and I think it's exciting to believe in other forms of life, no matter where they may be. The truth is, anything is possible, and I'll never contest the idea of aliens. Come to think of it, we're aliens ourselves. Well, I like to think I am.

So we drove a few hours outside of Vegas, stopped at a nature reserve because I was convinced I would spot a wild bull, almost bought some super "exclusive" alien vodka from the "official" Area 51 souvenir store, grabbed a beer and a burger, and took a personal pick-up truck tour by a local in the tiny town of Rachel, and made our way back to Vegas in time to have doughnuts for dinner. All in all, it was a great day that I don't plan on forgetting anytime soon. 

Although there wasn't anything too stunningly interesting regarding extraterrestrial life out in Area 51 that day, I did learn some facts about the area. The folks in Rachel, Nevada have to drive all the way to Las Vegas just to get groceries (around 2 hours), and it gets REALLY cold out there during the winter months. Coming from the midwest, I always assumed that Nevada was all desert (which it is), but I thought it was really hot year round. Not such an educated assumption. There are also only 4 young people living in Rachel (18-26 years old) and they decorate the barbed wire fences around their double-wides with shoes. Whenever I think about wanting to live in the middle of nowhere, I'm going to remind myself of Rachel, Nevada and immediately change my mind. I liked Rachel, I could spend a few days out there (ok, maybe like 2), but living in such a remote area would drive me insane.

Anyway, I think a UFO tattoo is happening soon.

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