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8:05 PM

The past month has turned my whole life around. It's amazing to see that one area of your life can be so toxic that it spreads and infects everything else. Needless to say I'm out of that situation and on to bigger and better things. With that being said, I'm still blogging and more excited about it than ever. Blogging for me has never been about popularity, a following, or free items. It has always been for me - to keep in touch with the industry that I love, as a creative outlet, and hopefully to inspire others. 

I'm now blogging and managing social media for a footwear company and it's so exciting. The people are incredible, the product is good to work with, and the environment is positive and up-lifting. After having the lowest self esteem than I ever have professionally, this job has turned my confidence around. By the way fellow bloggers, there's a blogger program that you can be a part of - sign up HERE. :)

Whatever you do, no matter where you live or what industry you're in, NEVER let others make you feel that you are less than what you are. EVER.

This outfit was from a trip I made to Vegas a few weeks back before I started my new gig. Comfortable, relaxed, refreshed.

Top: Brandy Melville [similar]
Pants: Forever 21 [similar]
Jacket: H&M


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