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12:28 AM

How is your weekend going? I had quite a challenging week, but before that challenging week was the most refreshing weekend I had in a very long time. It was filled with lots of girl time - just what I needed. 

I spent my Friday night with my roommate Erica and an old high school friend Kristin at The Roosevelt (I had never been and thought I should try it at least once!). On Saturday I shot photos of my beautiful friend Anne for my vintage shop SATTERDAY. The photos came out better than I expected, and we had such a good time together that we decided it should be a regular thing for us to do on weekends! That evening Anne and I had even more girl time with Kristin by ordering takeout, drinking wine, watching trashy TV, and then went to the hot tub with a bottle of champagne. We continued to jump in between the pool and the hot tub like children until the pool closed. My weekend wrapped up with a Sunday on the couch watching at least 10 episodes of Gossip Girl. 

This is what I wore while shooting photos - casual and easy to move around in. 

PS - A sneak peek of the photos I took are down there, too! 

Graphic Top: Thrifted
Plaid Top: The Children's Place
Leather Shorts: Clover Canyon
Flats: GAP

Check out www.satterday.com for some amazing vintage pieces, and check out these (unedited) photos of my incredibly beautiful friend Anne! 

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